Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday surprise

Hellloooo blogworld!

It's 105 degrees cool in San Antonio today, so I invited my military wife friend to come on by for some pool time girl time (and maybe some rum-soaked'd they sneak in there?!). I was hysterical when she walked up to our apartment with Sunday newspaper in makes me laugh because I always bring my paper to the pool if I happen to be down on a Sunday and of course, I'm the only person trying to read a full newspaper while soaking in some rays!

So we were hanging out, soaking up some rays, chit-chatting it up about everything under the sun, when....low and behold, is that a terd?

Oh yes, that's right. Two Masters degree educated women saw something brown floating on by, screamed like little girls, jumped out of the pool, and called maintenance ASAP.


So there goes our new Sunday ritual.


But at least we got a few good hours in! Thanks for shitting in the pool, people who can't control their kids.




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