Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Still in transitional stages...

Before we head out for a midnight viewing of Harry Potter I thought I'd hop on here quick and give a lil recap of my day...

Oh, San Antonio. We have days where we like being here and we have many more where we take it for what it is and look forward to being back East again. For example, this morning, we're talking waaaaaaaaaaaay early morning like 3 am, I was awoken in our apartment by people who broke into our development's pool and were cannon-balling, screaming, and chicken fighting until 6 am. I was so pissed. My only option was to leave a message on the courtesy police officer's voicemail, but seriously does he ever check it? Nada. So it was pointless. Not only did I wake up, but the noise was so loud (our apartment over looks the pool) that both pups were up. And on top of that, I don't get the best sleep anyway when Dan's working so many night shifts in a row...I dunno, I think it's because I worry so much about him coming home so so so tired and having to deal with SA traffic. Ugh. So I sleep light, always checking my blackberry for any noise, buzz, text...you get the point. It was the same thing last time he worked a month of nights-my lack of sleep. I just worry so much for him, but this is something I'm just going to have to get used to. It won't be month-long shifts of nights post-residency, but it will be that he'll have a few night shifts in a row.

Oh, to learn how to be a ER Army doctor's wife.

Other than that it was a pretty chill day! Woke up tired to the alarm (couldn't sleep in after that), had the usual breakfast of oatmeal and coffee, and headed out the door to get some groceries for the hubs to be. Gotta love me some bargains--Dan hates going to Walmart with me but HELLO, they've started carrying some of the organic, natural, clean brands that I love so much and with the price differences....hey, this bride to be has got a MAJOR budget to stick to :)

Then headed down to the pool for a couple hours, read my faaabulous novel got at the Dollar Store (oh yes, bargain girl at large. right here.) talked to some of my fabulous best friends, and did some thinking about where I want this blog to go...

I definitely want to touch base on so many things, but after doing research and seeing the extent of some of my fav blogs, I just don't want to take the same ideas those great girls have and copy. So I want to figure out how to make this BLYTHE. Make this something that I'm proud of. Show pictures, tell stories, review wedding vendors, etc. So bare with me, lone universe of zero blog followers, as I take some time to research some more and play around with some blog ideas :)

OFF TO HARRY POTTER MIDNIGHT SHOWING! One good thing about where we live? Regal Cinema literally across the street. No need to drive. Scoooooore :) This was a huge deal for Dan--I'm marrying a doctor who secretly wishes he were a wizard. oy vey.

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