Sunday, July 12, 2009

Day One: Where Do I Begin?

So I've been an avid reader of blogs since I decided to make the move to San Antonio. Realizing that "hey, I can do this" and that "hey, I've got lots of stuff to talk about" it took me til now to finally get myself together.

So here we are. :)

I can promise good days, bad days, and plenty of in between days. For the most part I'd like to keep this as non-journaling as possible and focus on my real passions in this lifetime: becoming more clean, healthy, balanced, and happy, planning what is going to be quite a stunning wedding (if I do say so myself ::brush of shoulder::), loving the life out of my hubby to be as he goes through what has to be the hardest thing I've ever seen someone do (could I work 30 days of 11-7 nights on top of being a US Army Capt? HIGHLY UNLIKELY), and last but not least, loving our perfect little-big four-legged girls: our baby girl freshly turned 1 year Great Dane with a heart of gold and our 5 year old rescue Lab/Boxer/Lord Knows What Else from our college days in D.C.

Right now I'm working part time at a high-end clothing store while I'm searching for the job I was put on this earth to do: counsel children with special needs. Sorry native San Antonians, but unless you're holding out on some magic secret I haven't discovered yet, I am confident in reporting that I have yet to find my peeps!!! WHERE ARE MY KIDS?! and most importantly, WHY HASN'T ANYONE REALIZED HOW MUCH THEY NEED SOMEONE LIKE ME?

So. 50+ job applications and submitted resumes and exactly 1 year later, I am in that box marked with an X of those with a Masters degree working in underemployment of 2009. Fantastic. I really, truly hope that tomorrow I can write from a brand new perspective because every day is a new possibility for change. So in my efforts to be more therapist-y (like that?) and less pessimistic, I thought I'd throw in a few more fun variables to this experiment called Blythe's first adventures in blogging:
1. Planning the most gorgeous wedding (biased much?) for us in September 09
2. Entertaining whatever followers I am lucky enough to catch with pictures and crazy stories of Kingston aka "Legs", the funniest Great Dane in San Antonio. Hands down.
3. My ever-growing passion and knowledge in clean living. By this I mean learning and listening to my body, realizing what foods make me feel GOOD and cleaning my life of the foods that treat my body like YUCK.
4. Creating a space where intelligent people who love the same things in life that I do can discuss the same loves/fears/anxieties/humor as I do

So let the adventure begin...

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