Thursday, August 20, 2009

Time flies when you're having fun...

woahhhhhhhhhhh where does free time go when you're planning a wedding??


There is SO much for me to catch up on. Until then, bare with me as we get a million and two little last minute details out of the way before the wedding in less than four weeks!

Recap: Since getting back from NY for what was a stunning wedding, we've been collecting RSVP's, signing for many packages a day from UPS and Fedex, making daily phone calls to vendors to set up meetings the week of the wedding (I fly back 6 days before Dan), trying not to go completely insane by our parents annoying us with a million and one's all to be expected! Weddings are stressful even when blissful. People are excited, want to make it perfect, and some times in their efforts to help out too much, create too much tension between this is when distance is helping us out tremendously--we can make phone calls and when we see everyone, it will be days before the big day :)

So I continue to breathe, continue to practice yoga, continue to eat healthy, continue to count my blessings, and continue to enjoy this beautifully blissful time that will go by so fast, so soon.


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