Monday, August 3, 2009

Celebration Nation

Hey all!

Hope everyone had a fabulousss weekend! I worked every day (part time jobs don't go on hold just because it's a Saturday), read some great books, ate some great food, shared some great laughs, and now I'm getting excited for my trip back to NY for my gorgeous Italian's wedding this Friday!!

(Us at her 24th birthday in NYC)

Fran and I met in grad school and from the moment we said "Hi!" we knew we'd be best friends for life. Just one of those friendships where unfortunately we met later on down the road but we would have met/were meant to meet anyway--eerily enough we applied to some of the same grad programs so we KNOW it was meant to be haha! We've spent every minute since catching up and now we're besties for life :)

Fran is marrying her boyfriend of TEN I said TEN YEARS!!! (cue Charlotte York Goldenblatt, in the restaurant, shouting to the crowds using BOTH hands. That's me right now.)

We've got some major partying to do and I fly out Wednesday through til Monday morning so I will be back later on next week with some great pics, some book reviews, and some happy vibes!

Have a great week yall!

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