Friday, August 28, 2009

Sitting on the patio with candles lit and Kenny Chesney playing in the background...

doing some life thinking. Trying to figure out where to go from here. I'm in a much better place than yesterday, which is great, because that shows me personally that every day will be better than the one before.

We (the hubs and I) decided that I will take some time off the job applications for awhile atleast until after the wedding when I can put myself back in the game--as of the past year I have been applying to jobs weekly--WEEKLY--with no prevail. So maybe letting go of it for some time, like I did back around the holidays last year, will help me heal.

I just don't face rejection all too well. Let alone rejection in a game where it's me, myself, and I. Even worse.

I'm sitting here realizing that it's officially been over a year of the same thing: apply, wait, get the "we'll contact you if we're interested" game. I was in this same emotional, physical state at this same time last year. That is so strange!! I've NEVER been in the same place in life year to year before, ever. I've always been changing, evolving, growing...and I'm the same Blythe I was last year. I just think that is the most bizarre feeling!

Anyway, will be getting back to yoga this week and I'm really looking forward to that--working part time pretty much means I work when they need me, at no regular scheduling. I change week to week. And its the hardest when the hubs is also working nights at the ER, so we see even less of each other, and the poor pups hate eating dinner so late at night :(

Have some days off this week to spend by the pool with some good books and some quality ME time to pull myself together...and on top of that, we've got only 21 days to go until our wedding! A year and a half of planning, and we're 21 days away. Holy hell, time is one amazing thing. :)

WELL that's one life adventure I'm ready to begin!! Marriage isn't easy but when you have a partner in life like I do, I'm such a lucky girl ;) it's going to be the journey of a life time :) xo

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